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As we prepare for our first closing in Q1 2021, Óskare Capital is pleased to announce that JD Wechsler will be joining the Investment Team as Venture Partner covering the Americas.

As we prepare for our first closing in Q1 2021, Óskare Capital is pleased to announce that JD Wechsler will be joining the Investment Team as Venture Partner covering the Americas.


New-York, USA

Wednesday, January 20th 2021

JD Wechsler is a seasoned Investment Advisor focused on the global supply chain of cannabis. Over his 20+ year career Mr. Wechsler has held various positions in the financial services industry. He began researching and investing into the cannabis sector in 2012 and served as Board Member and Series A co-lead for Privateer Holdings. Mr. Wechsler will be identifying investment targets, conducting due diligence and assisting with the execution of transactions and development of portfolio companies. Mr. Wechsler is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

North-America is currently the world’s largest market for medical cannabis and in recent months, the US has made great progress towards federal regulation of the sector. Óskare Capital believes that it is essential to have boots on the ground in this dynamic market in order to source distinct North American dealflow, establish the most beneficial partnerships and grow its portfolio companies in the region. 




Launched in late June 2020, ÓSKARE Fund 1, domiciled in Ireland, is Europe’s first AIFM and ESG compatible specialised fund dedicated to the development of the medical cannabis industry with a focus on Europe. The team is now fundraising for Óskare Fund l (€150m fund size) with a first close planned in Q1 2021 of €30m.

ÓSKARE CAPITAL will not directly invest in opportunities related to the recreational cannabinoid market. Rather, the fund will prioritize investments in the medical cannabinoid sector where there is an immense therapeutic potential (e.g. pain, MS, oncology, spasticity, Autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, …).

There is strong scientific rationale to utilize cannabinoids as substitutes for a diverse range of existing therapeutic offerings including medical treatments that modulate and take advantage of the endocannabinoid system.

The fund will invest in life sciences/therapeutics but also across the entire value chain, including in products, agricultural/ industrial solutions and services critical to the medical cannabis ecosystem and infrastructure. These investment opportunities exist and are developing in Europe/UK at a fast pace.

We’ve brought together a talented team that is globally unequalled and includes established European deeptech and life sciences VCs, medical and pharma industry professionals as well as non-executive chairman Bruce LINTONformer CEO and founder of Canopy Growth.

We have assembled an advisory board supported by Dr. Olivier BRANDICOURT, former CEO of Sanofi, CEO Bayer HealthCare AG and C-Level executive at Pfizer. The team and its advisors can be found at

A constant flow of announcements regarding the changing regulatory and legal status in Europe in the last 3 years are creating the biggest legal medical platform in the world. It is a high growth market predicted to grow to €2.8b in 2024 and €15b in 2029 and Europe has seen an increase in research institutes and companies in this market that require funding.

The pipeline of disruptive solutions and emerging technologies that we have developed over the last 12 months within the EU/UK is very strong. We have over 350 companies in our pipeline with some ready to be funded now and the market is expanding quickly1.

The Fund’s mission is particularly pertinent to one of Óskare’s team members who has a child suffering from a rare genetic disorder where parents of these children treat ADHD and Anxiety with CBD oil with good results. A well-documented case of the potential of medical cannabinoids is in the treatment of Dravet Syndrome (childhood epilepsy), where medical cannabis has significantly improved the lives of children suffering from this condition (and parents who treat them).

In a landscape of volatile public markets and low valuations in the early-stage private markets, we have a compelling investment thesis and a globally unequalled team to deliver on this next and sustainable growth theme, with excellent prospects of obtaining a Tier 1 return for investors.


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(1) Germany implemented medical cannabis in 2017, in 2019 there were over 200 MEUR in medical cannabis reimbursements and 2020 is expected be between 400-500 MEUR in size