Endocannabinoid Science + Tech Infrastructure INVESTMENT FUND Focus on EUROPEAN Medical, Science
And Technical Expertise
WE'VE BROUGHT TOGETHER A TALENTED TEAM TO INVEST AND SHAPE THE FUTURE OF MEDICAL CANNABINOIDS THE PARIS-BASED FUND ADVISOR, ÓSKARE CAPITAL, LAUNCHED FUND IN MAY 2020 The mandate? Leverage the medical, scientific and technical expertise, in Europe to generate solutions and tangible outcomes critical to the success of the global medical cannabinoid industry.

The Founders



Bruce Linton is an entrepreneur and businessperson who founded Canopy Growth Corp., webHancer Corp., ComputerLand Corp. and Canopy Health Innovations, Inc. and who has been the head of 16 different companies.


President and Managing Partner (Investments)

Chemical engineer with 9 years of Venture Capital experience in Deeptech and Corporate VC; Experienced in early stage investment and incubation


Managing Partner (Medical and Scientific Affairs)

Internist and Neurologist with clinical experience managing migraine, MS, chronic pain, Parkinson’s disease, spasticity and epilepsy


Managing Partner (CFO and Investments)

Experienced CFO and Secretary General in 3 venture capital funds in France and US Former auditor with several years of transaction experience


Managing Partner (Investments)

20 year career in VC, life science and tech sectors with significant expertise in working with academic research groups, spinoffs, and early stage investments.


The Opportunity

With a highly favorable legal and regulatory landscape in Europe, medical cannabis will be a high growth market: €300 M in 2018, to €2.8 B in 2024 to €15 B in 2029

There are promising new cannabinoid solutions under study for epilepsy, pain, spasticity, anxiety, and sleep

Researchers are looking for new treatments harnessing the properties of cannabinoids including treatments in oncology, ophthalmology, cardiovascular conditions, Autism and Down's Syndrome among others

With nationalized healthcare across Europe, governments want rapid and less costly solutions to societal health problems

Óskare Capital has identified a large number of companies in its dealflow pipeline with strong teams, disruptive IP and scalable companies (market and products)

The Fund

ÓskareFund 1 fund target size is €150 M and AIFM domiciled in Dublin, Ireland (ICAV)

Management team based in Paris, France and UK

ESG compliant and will not invest in recreational cannabis

Fund will seek to have a balanced portfolio of early stage (Spin-off / Seed) and later stage (Series A to C) in innovative private and public companies

Investment geography: focus on Europe, with the opportunity to invest globally

Investment Scope

Investments in science, services and solutions with high barriers to entry

Focus on scientific innovation and in generating solutions and tangible outcomes in the wellness and medical sectors for which there is strong scientific rationale to utilize cannabinoids

The fund will prioritize development of formulations combining cannabinoids with already approved pharmaceutical agents as well as new molecules

Our Priorities

Invest In Solutions To Address
Unmet Needs In Health And Disease

The fund will invest in companies that have the greatest potential to create or enable availability of high quality, medical grade treatments for patients with unmet needs, including areas where traditional pharmaceutical agents have been ineffective or have a side effect profile limiting use for patients.

Engage In The Building Of The European
Medical Cannabinoid Ecosystem

Working closely with the founders of companies in our portfolio and in our Incubator, with our Industry Advisors, and with our network of collaborators we will work to realize the full economic opportunities of a robust cannabinoid ecosystem in Europe. In particular, we will capitalize on France’s strong agricultural and medical/pharma industry to become a leader in medical cannabinoid technology and ancillary services.

Provide An Attractive
Return On Investment

High Return Investments (HRI): Strong pipeline of early stage European Medical Cannabis companies (Seed and Series A), longer term and higher risk investments. Target of 60-70% in Early Stage (Spin-Off, Seed, Series A) and 30-40% in later stage (Series B+).

Balanced Returns with Upside (BRU): Diverse pipeline of later stage companies (some publicly traded) that have more mature product pipelines and revenues, shorter term prospects for exit (2-4 years).

Risk Profile: Mix between longer term (pharma and healthcare) investments that can provide >10X multiples with companies operating with exit prospects 2-4 years after initial investment with a majority of investments in private companies.